Why our patio covers
and swimming pool enclosures
are so unique…


Why our patio covers and swimming pool enclosures are so unique…


Since we cannot choose between sustainability, safety, energy savings and maintenance friendliness, we have designed our telescopic patio covers and swimming pool enclosures in such a way that they meet every criterion optimally.

Our enclosures are manufactured in our own workshop from start to finish and installed by our own experienced technicians to ensure top quality. In contrast to many other suppliers, we deliberately don’t use fragile plastic parts or rubber prone to wear, but higher quality materials such as stainless steel, aluminium and Teflon. As a result, you get a reliable structure that will last years. We stand by this quality, so much so that we don’t hesitate to offer you a 10-year warranty on our profiles and panels.

What’s more, our swimming pool enclosures not only meet our own quality requirements, but also the French NF P90 309 quality standard.

Quality is truly guaranteed

We are so sure of the quality of our components that we offer you a 10-year warranty on the profiles, powder coating and sheeting and a 2-year warranty on locks and guides.

More info?

Do you have technical questions about our patio covers and swimming pool enclosures? You can ask us by sending us an e-mail or you can come take a look at our workshop in Temse. Yes, our covers and enclosures are 100% Made in Belgium!

No rounded shapes, but a very well-thought-out design

At CoverSwim, you won’t find rounded or curved patio covers or swimming pool enclosures. That’s because we deliberately opted to manufacture our telescopic covers with straight angles and with relatively small roof pitches. We have good reasons for that:

Maximum rigidity

When aluminium profiles are bent, they undergo additional machining and this at the expense of the tensile strength of the material. The alloy of our straight profiles is extremely strong to ensure that the profiles will not bend.

The three-point model also optimally distributes the lateral forces of the structure to the outer panels. This ensures the stability of the construction and makes manual opening considerably easier. Nevertheless, all elements are also secured to the floor with stainless steel posts which are chemically anchored with robust bolts. This makes the whole structure stable and storm-proof, and sliding it out is all the smoother.

Straight edges

Straight edges retain water and dirt less than slanted sides. The side panels of your patio cover or swimming pool enclosure are therefore easier to clean and they stay transparent longer.


The roof slope of approximately 5° makes sure condensation droplets remain on the ceiling. With steeper gradients, they would drip down.

Sleek & Trendy

Our design model with straight profiles and 3 angles looks sleek and trendy and fits in any exterior.

It is no coincidence if we patented our profiles

The rigidity of the pool enclosures and patio covers is largely determined by the strength of the profiles. We won’t compromise on this rigidity and stability. That’s why we had our own mould made and we also patented our aluminium profiles. They have a remarkably high tensile strength and are on average three times heavier than other profiles on the market. The profiles will therefore not bend under the weight of the roof.

Finally, the profiles are always finished with high-quality coatings in a RAL colour of your choice.

You’d rather not have annoying tracks on the floor? No problem, we don’t need them!

The guiding system is fully integrated into our profiles. As a result, we do not need floor tracks to extend your cover or enclosure. For you, this means that your entire patio floor can remain uncluttered and is therefore easy to clean.

However, additional guide rails can be placed on the side for larger covers. In this case, wheels with a large diameter will run in a milled-out stainless steel bearing trackway to facilitate manual operation. The wheels are not free standing, but for the most part incorporated in the profiles. This means fewer protruding parts and less cleaning work. In addition, these guiding profiles are rounded off so that dirt cannot adhere and even physical injuries are absolutely minimized in the event of a fall.

Don’t you want maximum energy savings?

One of the main advantages of patio covers and swimming pool enclosures is their energy-saving effect. They maximize sun heat retention, which in turn raises the temperature of the pool water or on the patio by a few degrees. This means you can turn down the heating.

We believe it is essential that you should be able to enjoy maximum energy savings and that is why we use 4 mm thick polycarbonate panels for the sides and 6 mm thick and double-walled polymethacrylate sheeting for the roof. Indeed, this combination maximizes the greenhouse effect which will heat up your pool water by 9 to 13°C.

If you prefer to keep your roof fully transparent, it is also possible to install the roofing panels in a single-walled configuration. But it will only heat the water by between 7 and 10°C.

In addition, the roof panels are flexible and impact resistant, making them also hail resistant. Here too, the side panels are ultra-scratch-resistant and easy to maintain. Both sheet materials are also UV-resistant. So, even though they let the heat through, they will stop harmful sun rays, ensuring that underlying materials such as the paint colour of the profiles or your garden furniture will not fade. The lifespan of your structure will be noticeably longer because of these UV-resistant properties.

Our covers are deliberately not 100% waterproof

Strange to advertise a non-watertight structure you may think? We, however, have a very good reason. If we made our patio covers and swimming pool enclosures completely watertight, you would soon be bothered by unpleasant odours or, worse still, notice mould formation. Natural ventilation is simply indispensable in a warm space.

However, the openings are finished with nylon bristles. These allow a natural air flow, while keeping dirt out. We could also seal the openings with rubbers as often happens, but rubber can wear under the influence of the weather and the test of time. Our nylon bristles on the other hand last an average 30 to 50 years!

Technical details
ProfilesAluminium 6060 T6
Roof sheetingPolycarbonate, 6 mm thick
Side walls = front and rear panelsPolymethacrylate, 4 mm thick
Screws and fastenersStainless steel and aluminium
MotorsElectric, 12V powered by solar panels and battery
Additional heatingFuel-oil or gas
Standard heightFrom 1.90 m at first element, or custom made
Standard widthFrom 3.00 to 9.00 m per element or custom made
Standard lengthA multiple of 2.10 m, up to 9 modules


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and without obligation
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