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For a swimming pool in the garden, a free-standing pool cover is the logical choice. However, if your swimming pool is right next to your house or a pool house, there are also mounting options such as perpendicular or lateral. One side of the roof is mounted against the building. This saves space and in most cases also an extra covered or extended terrace. In this way you can, for example, also immediately have your jacuzzi covered.



At CoverSwim, we deliberately opted to design our telescopic pool enclosures as a three-point model with straight profiles and a pointed roof construction. This angular design looks sleek and trendy; it ensures maximum stability and it is the most suitable shape for our climate.

The 3-angle model guarantees the optimal distribution of lateral forces. Since our profiles are straight and not bent, our aluminium alloy also offers optimum tensile strength. As a result, the telescopic swimming pool enclosure is particularly stable and sturdy.

Thanks to our patented profiles, we don’t even need floor tracks for your swimming pool enclosure to slide open! The sliding guides are simply integrated in the cross sections.

A lot of thought has also gone into the pitch of the pointed roof. It is approximately 5 degrees and holds condensation drops. With steeper gradients, they drip down. At a right angle, the uprights don’t allow dirt or rainwater to accumulate. This makes them maintenance-friendly and keeps them transparent for longer.

In short, the model with three angles is a well-thought-out choice and we’d rather stick to it. Apart from that, how will the telescopic enclosure for your swimming pool look like? Up to you to decide.


Our telescopic swimming pool enclosures consist of various elements that can be expanded modularly. The 3 m x 2.10 m elements are standard. Since we produce the whole elements in our own workshop, however, customized work with different dimensions is also possible. We can even produce up to 9 m long elements.


To open or close the front and rear of the pool enclosure, you can choose between different systems:

+ Traditional door system: a single or double door.

+ Independent panels: various panels can be pushed independently to the side of their element. This system is usually combined with a lockable sliding door.

+ Garage door principle: tilts open towards the roof and, in open position, hangs horizontally above the swimming pool to free the whole front section.

+ Spring system: the best way to describe this system is to compare it with the boot lid of your car. The system folds open in a tilting movement.

+ Accordion: from the centre, accordion panels can be folded open to the sides.

Additional doors and windows can be added in the side panels on request. If you don’t want to have to open the entire roof or the door system every time you get into the pool, then a hatch with a spring system in one of the roof panels of a low enclosure is also a very good option.


In a telescopic swimming pool enclosure, the lower parts need to slide under the higher parts, but the other way round is also perfectly possible. In that case, the low parts remain in place, while the higher elements slide over them.

Or would you rather have your swimming pool enclosure slide from the middle out to the sides? You can also create a central opening with the retracted elements remaining on the sides.

From left to right or right to left? You tell us. And which side should never move? Any sliding direction, and that whatever the element, is possible.

Manual or motorized operation?

Mounted on stainless steel bearings, with a large diameter and milled out in a flexible trackway, the wheels encounter only minimal friction due to dirt deposits, for example. Consequently, one person can manually open even larger enclosures easily, quietly and in a straight line. For even smoother manual operation, however, a floor track guiding system is also possible. In addition, a motorized system is an option. In this case a 12V system powered by a battery and solar panels is connected to the roof of the enclosure. You can then open or close the enclosure automatically at the push of a button or using the remote control.

Rather a transparent roof?

As standard, the side panels are made of 4 mm thick hyper scratch-resistant, maintenance-friendly and transparent polymethacrylate panels. For the roof, we’ve chosen 6-mm thick polycarbonate sheets. They have perfect flexibility and are impact-resistant and hail resistant. When these are installed single-walled, they are transparent and will cause the swimming pool to warm up by 7 to 10°C due to the greenhouse effect. However, if we install the sheeting double-walled, you will lose some transparency while obtaining a matt look, but the temperature will increase by a few degrees more. A double-walled roof will heat up the water by between 9 and 13°C.At your request, however, we can also use the polymethacrylate sheets from the sides as a roof sheeting. We will always recommend double-walled roof polycarbonate sheeting, though. It is in fact the combination of 4 mm thick side walls and 2 x 6 mm thick roof sheeting that will produce maximum greenhouse effect.

Colour choice?

You can choose from different RAL colours for the colour of the profiles.


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